Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment and Mitigation

The Vulnerability Assessment and Mitigation (VAM) method consists of a process aimed at assessing the effectiveness of security systems and assessing their security level. The purpose of this research is to find the flaws of that specific system, so as to be able to improve it and prevent any attacks based on those vulnerabilities.

The use of the VAM is necessary several times over the course of a year, as the technology progresses quickly and with it also the tools to attack a system, which could therefore make use of new vulnerabilities eventually brought to light by technological progress and strategic.

Every activity should be carried out periodically (4-6 times during the 365 days) and constitutes an indispensable resource in the continuous search for reliability of corporate security systems. Thanks to their use, it is possible to establish an effective defense policy that guarantees investments aimed at strengthening the IT infrastructure.

What are the weaknesses of your company? The vulnerability assessment service aims to provide a reasoned assessment of the vulnerabilities of the IT infrastructure in all its components, from the communication network to the processing systems. The evaluation is based on the architecture analysis, on the collection of configuration information of the various components and, in addition to the configuration of the security systems, verifies the information relating to the services offered and the possible vulnerabilities contained therein. We become hackers for you! We design software and security solutions created with the aim of assessing the level of protection and effectiveness of the security systems adopted and therefore to prevent any external attacks. These vulnerability systems offered by us are constantly updated to simulate the attack with the latest products developed by the electronic crime industry. The weaknesses of the systems and the network are highlighted by trying to attack the network, as a true attacker would do. Features of our VAM
  • Customized assessment tailored by our information security researchers
  • Analysis carried out with active cooperation between Safe Network analysts and the Customer’s technical staff
  • Extensive analysis, identifying all IT system vulnerabilities
  • Simple and detailed report of the results produced by the analysis
  • In-depth reports on each identified vulnerability
  • Evaluation of the relative risk for each of the vulnerabilities
  • Planning of security priorities to be met by the Client
  • Information on possible corrective actions associated with each vulnerability
  • Field training of the Customer’s technical personnel involved in the analysis and
  • presentation of results including technical details on
  • problems encountered with the Client
  • Perfect integration with the complete suite of Safe Network security services



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