Content filtering

Content Filtering: the first line of defense of the network

Malicious attacks, applications that evade firewalls and converged online information compromise the protection provided by packet inspection firewalls with outdated status. For the security of current networks it is necessary to use a new approach, solutions that integrate a contextual and application-based in-depth inspection of the packages, without compromising performance in any way. Technological advances in the field of remote access, mobility and real-time applications have expanded the network capabilities at the corporate level while making them more complex. The new paradigm of network communications risks compromising the control and application of the criteria and favoring the spread of new threats on the entire network structure.

Content Filtering Service

The Content Filtering service offers companies and schools greater control to transparently apply productivity and protection criteria and block inappropriate, illegal and dangerous Web content. Characterized by a caching and dynamic evaluation architecture, this service allows you to block different categories of questionable Web content, providing the ideal combination of control and flexibility in order to guarantee the highest levels of productivity and protection. Users also have a high level of visibility thanks to the ability to forward data directly to ViewPoint reporting software. Another advantage is that these solutions can be managed through any SonicWALL firewall, eliminating the need for a dedicated and expensive filtering server.

Advanced network security

Advanced network security solutions are designed to ensure maximum security, eliminating cost and complexity. Each network security appliance can be configured and customized with a wide range of security services in a complete multi-tier solution that integrates seamlessly with any network environment. Network security solutions offer added value and innovation in five main areas: Protection: to ensure perfect integration with the latest generation firewall, intrusion prevention, antimalware functionality, application firewalls and content filtering Performance: to offer a design able to increase network efficiency and optimize access to applications Platform: to use an innovative architecture that can significantly increase content inspection levels Competence: to optimize protection thanks to a global environment of contents and threats constantly updated, in real time Control of the criteria: to offer the identification and qualification of the network traffic based on the context, the applications and the users

Gateway Security Suite

Regardless of their size, today’s organizations need to optimize network security, increase employee productivity and improve the reporting system. However, small business networks are subject to the same types of attacks as large corporations, and managing many individual products requires more resources in terms of time and money. The Comprehensive Gateway Security Suite (CGSS) provides businesses of all sizes with antivirus gateway, antispyware, intrusion prevention, application firewalls, content filtering and more. It is an intelligent and real-time protection of the network from a series of dynamic threats including viruses, spyware, worms, Trojans and software vulnerabilities such as buffer overflows as well as malicious codes like those that use secondary access points. As an additional layer of protection, this powerful solution acts at the application level by blocking not only attacks resulting from external threats but also those originating within the network. It closes all potential secondary access points by inspecting numerous e-mail, Web, file transfer and stream-based protocols as well as instant messaging (IM, instant messaging) and peer-to-peer (P2P) applications.

Simplified management and use

Network security solutions are designed to allow for simple deployment, intuitive management and reduced ownership costs. The approach to the creation of configurations and criteria will be easy to use and manage, regardless of the degree of experience of the administrator. The appliances include simple web-based wizards to show administrators the steps to take in common configuration and management scenarios. Alternatively, it is possible to manage and implement the network protection devices from the CLI interface and use SNMP for data collection locally and remotely. For larger deployments and on multiple sites, the Global Management System (GMS) provides network administrators with tools that simplify the configuration, application and management of global security policies, VPNs and services, all from a central location .



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