Computer Networks

Design, implementation and certification

We design and build integrated network infrastructures based on structured cabling in copper, optical fiber and wireless for data transmission, images, voice.
We are able to guarantee adequate advice in terms of both passive infrastructure and active equipment by performing the following steps:

  • Inspection
  • Feasibility Study
  • Project
  • Material supply: Cables (copper / fiber optic), Rack cabinets, active equipment
  • Preparation of the Rack Cabinet with Passive Permuters (Patch Pannel, Passacavi …) and programming of the active devices (Switch, Router, Firewall …)
  • Crimping of the cabinet and User side sockets
  • System functioning test and identification labeling
  • Instrumental certification according to international standards ISO / IEC 11801
  • Release of explanatory documentation for maintenance

  • A well designed and realized wiring with the new technologies (CAT6a, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, fiber optic backbones) guarantees high efficiency and transmission speed to the network, furthermore it allows the network to be adapted also for future expansions or modifications with minimum investments. At any time we are available for a personal meeting to discuss together the most appropriate technical solutions and to put at your disposal our many years of experience in the sector

Structured cabling

Structured cabling is the basis for an efficient business network and represents an indispensable investment on which the entire voice and data transmission system depends. A well-designed network is a return-on-investment in terms of productivity, even after many years.

Simplifies the internal network and allows you to expand or move workstations without having to reconfigure the network, reduce capital costs since a single integrated network (voice and data) is implemented for all offices and is compatible with equipment of different producers. It is reliable, thanks to the certified and guaranteed materials we use and, if well designed, reduces management costs as it allows expansions in data and voice connectivity without additional cable laying costs.

Structured cabling allows the transmission of different types of signals to be integrated on a single network: voice, data and video are conveyed on a single network of cables, connected to a permutation cabinet. Through a system of cabinets connected together it is possible to create a network for an entire building.

Wireless Solutions

Safe Network designs, supplies and installs radio frequency wireless transmission solutions for commercial, industrial and school sectors. Our solutions are also ideal for carrying out simple movements of workstations or for wiring in difficult situations.



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