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Safe Network operates on the national and international market thanks to the synergic collaboration with the various partners, providing customers with a single point of contact for the most complex business problems, for the development of their business through innovative and value-added services, aimed at making them more efficient and business processes and relationships are effective. In this perspective, a wide range of services is offered to companies with projects designed to meet the needs of each customer; in particular, our staff is able to adapt the technical and commercial proposal in relation to: Advanced Services (videocommunication and videoconferencing), Public, Private and Wireless Networks.


These are just some of our strengths. Safe Network has always been attentive to the centrality of people, the value that the company is based on. The company, acting as the sole interlocutor for its customers, bases its offer on three fundamental axes: technological knowledge and consultancy, traditional and innovative communication and outsourcing, with the utmost care for its customers, especially in its activities of contact center.

We have implemented an assistance system that allows us to resolve problems in the Customer’s computer in real time, directly from the Internet, without having to move our technicians, thus reducing service costs.



A firewall is a component for computer security with the aim of controlling access to resources of a system by filtering all the traffic that this system exchanges with the outside. The system, which is supposed to be secure and reliable, protected by the firewall can be a single computer or a computer network (called internal or local network) while the external environment with which it interacts is typically a network that is supposed to be unknown, insecure and not trusted (called external or public network).


Malicious attacks, applications able to circumvent firewalls and converging online information compromise the protection provided by packet inspection firewalls with obsolete status. For the security of current networks it is necessary to use a new approach, solutions that integrate a contextual and application-based in-depth package inspection, without compromising performance in any way


The purpose of VPNs is to offer companies, at a lower cost, the same possibilities as private hire lines, but by exploiting public shared networks: a VPN can therefore be seen as the geographical extension of a private local network a secure company that links sites within the company itself across the territory, exploiting IP routing for transport on a geographical scale and actually creating a LAN network, called “virtual” and “private”, equivalent to a dedicated physical network infrastructure (ie with physical connections).


END POINT commonly means “the evolution” of the old antivirus. In fact, the END POINT Protection is the protection of End Points (for example PCs) based on a complex system of different security procedures while the antivirus is only one of those procedures.

The explosion of cybercrimes and the growing complexity of IT protection require a new approach to corporate security. The increasing number of malicious attacks, coming from e-mail messages, from the Web or from the network, causes various problems for organizations. Threats are rapidly evolving and make managing security solutions on-site with limited IT resources increasingly complex. For optimal protection, companies must be able to manage threats before they reach the network and compromise IT infrastructure or information security.


On May 25, 2018, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) became fully operational, also known as the EU Privacy Regulation, and in May 2019 checks began on the dedicated teams of the Guardia di Finanza on behalf of the Guarantor.

The obligations required of companies are many and some require in-depth analysis and important implementations.

Safe Network, thanks to its experience gained in the sector already with the formalities required by Legislative Decree 196/2003 and structured with a team, both technical and legal, in possession of all the required skills, proposes itself as a partner to face this new delicate transformation required to companies. 


Proactive monitoring is an innovative service that completely distorts the concept of assistance. We pass from a situation of liabilities in which we are waiting for an event / problem to an active and proactive management going to implement all those measures that allow us to have no problems and intervene promptly in the event of an accident.

The operation is very simple, the monitoring system will query the selected node every 5 minutes storing a series of parameters on the operation of the machine. This way the connection status, response time, availability, traffic and use of physical resources can be monitored.


Offering WI FI service to its customers can sometimes be difficult and expensive. Poor signaling, limitation of the amount of data available, lack of control over navigation by customers, are complicated aspects to deal with and resolve.
The PORTABLE WEB service was created to remedy these problems in a simple way.

The hardware kit consists of a high-capacity external antenna and a device that acts as a firewall / router. All this can be completed by a SIM data with unlimited traffic subject only to possible limitations of the 3G or 4G signal of the area.


A well designed and realized wiring with the new technologies (CAT6a, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, fiber optic backbones) guarantees high efficiency and transmission speed to the network, furthermore it allows the network to be adapted also for future expansions or modifications with minimum investments. At any time we are available for a personal meeting to discuss together the most appropriate technical solutions and to put at your disposal our many years of experience in the sector


In the field of telecommunications, Wi-Fi is a technology that through its devices allows user terminals to connect to each other through a local network in certain wireless modes (WLAN) based on the specifications of the IEEE 802.11 standard.

Wi-Fi, in fact, is a technology that allows the connection between electronic devices through radio waves. It is a solution that does not use wires or cables, so it is also called wireless, that is without wires. It is a type of transmission that allows a good connection speed even if it is almost always less than that which can be obtained via cable due to the obstacles that the signal can encounter during its journey, the walls in particular as well as other appliances electronic and electromagnetic devices that can deflect the propagation of radio waves.





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